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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Meaning of Christmas is lost!!!

The meaning of Christmas is all about gathering with relatives and sharing the birth of Jesus.But some people don’t actually understand the actual meaning.

Today in our lives kids have been forgetting the true meaning of Christmas don’t pay attention to how Christmas became with Jesus our savior.But only focusing on the selfish ways of Christmas like what they get for their presents and how should their tree looks like.

The first reason of the true meaning of Christmas is lost is the presents. everyone is focusing on the presents instead of the true meaning of Christmas.because all they want is just the treats and the presents.

 second reason is Ungratefulness. every kid is not being grateful for what they are getting for Christmas. They are looking at the wrong way for Christmas. And just want better stuff that they originally get.

last but not least the shops have been selling decorations just for Christmas and been performing it on the tele. Presenting the customers how Christmas is all about.And showing your Christmas stuff and the decorations.

 This is how the true meaning of Christmas is lost. but i believe that it can change and we can focus and go in the right direction.We just need to listen,and don’t pay attention to the wrong stuff

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