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Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Inquiry

Pathology is the scientific study of disease processes that affect the body.There are around two hundred pathologists in New Zealand.The areas of pathology include anatomical {tissue diagnosis},chemical {blood},clinical {lab},forensic {death},genetics {DNA},haematology {blood},immunology {immunity},microbiology {bacteria},and general pathology {all areas of pathology}.So,what is involved in the work of a general pathologist,and what is the study involved?.


Pathologist are doctors who study human diseases and conditions.They diagnose health problems by testing samples from tissues of the body,blood,and other body fluids.A pathologist duties include the following;
studying diseases and conditions of the body,diagnosing a range of diseases such as cancer,and diabetes,taking samples of body tissues and fluids and test them,providing advice to other medical professional ,investigating deaths and performing autopsies working in laboratories,carrying out research and training medical students. A pathologist needs to know about how the human body works,different diseases and illnesses,the chemistry of the body,anatomy and medical procedures,and current research.

To become a pathologist involves having the knowledge of biology,able to work under pressure,know how to use a microscope and other sorts of equipment's. .A Pathologist requires a bachelor in medicine,many years medical experience and registration with the medical council New Zealand.It takes time to become a pathologist.After the 4-5 year medical degree,many years of experience is required before entering pathology

On a daily basis,perform a broad range of task.Pathology is a field that would guarantee employment and a good income.The years of study and practice involved,would result in a highly knowledgeable medical professional.

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