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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Book Review

> Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (Dog Days)
> By:Jeff Kinney
> Review by Yr 7 2015
This book is about a boy named  Greg Heffley. He is a lazy,desperate,relies on his friends a lot person. Who learns that there is more things in  life than video games. Greg Heffley is a desperate person  who to do something else either than reading a book.He’s one those kids who are addicted to reading comic books and playing video games.

This book has AMAZING description which makes me understand who Greg really is.And does describe the characters easily and what they are feeling and makes read on it’s kinda like drama show.

What I didn't like  about the book is that there is no chapters in the book and it just keeps on going on with same thing but a different story.

Yes i think the author was trying tell send a message to all the kids that there are more things outside than inside playing  video games or going on technology and try reading or playing outside etc


I recommend this book for people who don’t like going outside or doesn't consider reading books but reading more action ,exciting books like comic ones.and they should start to read something more realistic.

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