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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Matilda Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1-2
There is this little child whose name is Matilda  and she is a bright little girl.She lives with her family the Wormwoods, they are really rude to Matilda by  treating her like dirt.But matilda is a smart girl who was much better than her family.

Chapter 2-3
Mr Wormwood was a cheap car dealer who tricks his customers into buying his cars. Now Mr Wormwood was a little bit of a doozy, when Matilda glues his hat to his head while he wasn't looking. And till then he couldn’t get his hat off his head until now.

Chapter 3-4
Matilda is 4 and half years old, and is a little trouble maker. A little trouble maker who tricks her family, to think that ghost are real.

Chapter 4-5
Now Matilda is now more than a troublemaker,she is the prankster queen.Who Puts this kind of dye that makes Mr Wormwood’s hair blonde and that kind of dye can easily burn your hair.

Chapter 5-6-7
Now when Mr Wormwood’s hair was as blonde as the sun they try to fix his hair by trying to dye his hair brown. While Mrs Wormwood was calling the beauty salon, Matilda could not stop laughing at her father. Now Mr WormWood has to have normal brown hair.

Chapter 7-8
Matilda is  5 and half years old and is now going to her first day of school ,but she is a little bit nervous, but she can handle it. Now her class teacher is Miss Honey who is very kind just like Matilda and sees that Matilda does not deserve to be in her class. She goes to tell the headmistress, but she does not believe in Miss Honey.

Chapter 8-9
After the incident with Miss Trunchbull, Miss Honey decided to go and meet Matilda’s parents. But little did she know that Matilda’s parents are not quite the perfect parents for Matilda.

Chapter 9-10
Matilda has now met a new friend named Lavender a skinny little nymph with deep brown eyes and with dark hair that was cut into a fringe.While they were chatting among themselves a tall senior girl came stumbling to them. A girl named Hortensia, chomping down on a packet of potato crisp and she started to talk about a closet named the chokey.

Chapter 10 -11
Bruce Bogtrotter is a  very naughty boy. Who took a slice of the Trunchbull's cake and was caught immediately. And was forced to eat a large chocolate cake that might have bad things that will make him sick, what will happen?

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