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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Quick write
It was a fine day in the forest, the birds were chirping,the sun in air and fresh smell flying around in the cold breeze, but something wasn't right?.A lonely robot was mysteriously walking along the forest like a prancing reindeer, looking like there was something missing about him.Suddenly a cloud of black smoke was in the air like it was flying.The little robot was curious about what it was?.Then loud thunder sounds came out of nowhere, zooming past the little robot like it was the fastest thing in the world.Suddenly, out of nowhere came a sign, this sign looked familiar to this robot so he went inside the thunder machine and rested.3 days later ,the machine finally stopped and arrived at this place full of mechanics that made lot of noises .The little robot was feeling strange,like he belonged there. So he took a step inside the warehouse but as he did he forgot about the forest and remembered all the happy moments there, so he decided he should go back to his lovely home.

My language feature goal was
to try and use more similes and try to hook my reader in and make them read on.

I have now used the following similes .

1 comment:

  1. You have certainly used quite a few similes in this quick write Michael. Keep up the great work and stay focused on your goals.