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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

on 8th of november 2013, the powerful typhoon struck the philippines.
The typhoon in the philippines was the strongest in record history

people heard the Typhoon warning on radios,T.V’s and through sms(texting)

I would help to clean up the mess and find other peoples family
I would walk round and get equipment for my house
I would help the people who are hurt and can’t find shelter

Need to find loved ones if lost
need to find shelter and warmth and food and water (clean water)
Find clothes and food that are not ruined by the typhoon.

Reduce  impact

By tying down the foundations so the house does not get damaged as much
by getting the house ready for the impact
by  making the houses more stronger and suitable when a disaster has happened.
Re making a stronger equipment
sorts of material that y
by making them grow their own food and try and make them prepared for when a disaster is coming like a siren.
Having a certain place to stay that is specially made with clean water and food

by making a building for people when they need help and a shelter that suitable through the bad weather with food and water

for the people who can go i
by building hard things around there house

by making stronger buildings for them to stay in  
by having a lot of proper food
by having seeds to grow food
and a good bucket of water for the families

By Michael,Emily,& Rhea

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