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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My first few weeks in senior hub!!


For swimming in the first few weeks,I have been selected to be in lane 1.I have been practicing to do kicking with boards and doing freestyle,backstroke and other sorts of swimming techniques.We're doing swimming because we are practicing for swimming sports in term 2.


For the first few weeks,we had to do week goals for our work.We had to finish our book review,writing,maths and inquiry (all about me project.).I love doing week goals because it's fun.


For week 1 we had to talk about learner licences.It was about how can we achieve  more than our old achievements.It started from learners to ESF.


For P.E we have been doing  swimming,but not just swimming,sports.Like Touch Rugby and more summer sports.Sometimes we just play games for P.E.


On Fridays we go to technology at St Kevins. We do stuff like art,fabrics,wood and cooking.It is a privilege to go to St Kevins. 

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