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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My 2 book reviews

1.  -There's no such thing
-Author Paul Jennings

-Review by a year 7 student 2015

This story is about a boy, who feels sad that his grandpa is going to a rest home.But one day he's not in the rest home for one reason.                            
This story has a amazing descriptive language.It describes every little detail in the story.The story also uses a variety of sentences that hooks you in. What I don't like about the story was that there wasn't enough pages because the story was really interesting until at the end I wanted to read more. I think the author was trying to say was that it is hard when someone in your family is gone,but you always got to try something to get them back.Yes I think the author was trying to communicate to never give up on family and always keep a promise by telling the truth. -conclusion I recommend this book for people who have lost a family member in their lives and to never give up.

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