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Monday, July 25, 2016

Cross Country Practice

Today My class and I have been training for cross country in week 3.
The class and I have been training hard for the past days and its been going well.
we have enjoyed it so much


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Questions

How does the brain feel emotion?
How can emotion appear in our faces?
Why Were we made to feel so much?
What are all the emotions and how can we see


*Present to the best of my abilities
*Make the visual and text to be more interesting for students to look at
* I will use clear and loud voice when talking about my presentations.
*Be confident to answer any questions by
Using my information i have found.
*Answer with key and good information about the project.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Brylee Mills

Brylee Mills was a guest speaker for us
at  NYLD. her  arm had to be amputated for she was in a accident when she was 6.She inspired us
to never give up our dreams.And if you fail get back up and try again for she really told how to never ever
give up.Even though there are challenges in life.I really loved her story and it really
helped me to think different.So I would like to thank Brylee Mills for giving me and my classmates
and inspirational story.

National Young Leaders Day 2016


National Young Leaders Day
 Monday the 30th of may
On Monday the Yr 8's went to Dunedin for NYLD which is National Young Leaders Day.
We learnt new things and meet new people.It was a great experience to for us to have.The hosts were funny
and the guests speakers were really inspirational  to us.It made me think differently like to never take things for granted and to always try the best we can.I had heaps of fun with my classmates.The music made get up on my feet, is was a inspirational day

Science plan part 2